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Draplin Design Co., North America


FREEDOM WEEKEND: Did a dayshift, then heading a couple blocks over to see Red Fang and Danava rip the shit out of Portland. Fired up for some Coyle, Welsh, Forgash, Carder, Jacobson, Man Mountain and whoever else I can get my arms around. Maybe even a Bobcat? Metal motherfuckers.

- - - -

ADDENDUM: The star shown up above is from Roanoke, Virginia! A national treasure of neon! It’s from my “STARS-N-STRIPES” master archive of bad-ass America shit. Source long forgotten. Origin beknownst to the Draplin Design Co., we apologize to the neon-lovin’ motherfuckers of Roanoke for missing this one. Specifically, this one goes out to the patriot who called us out, but didn’t leave a name. Sorry, buster. We run a little hot in the summer. Cut us a little slack, Virginia.

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That is some badass neon, where’s it from ?

Posted by: bob dale on 07/03/11 at 6:02 PM

Great picture from the Star City of the South—Roanoke, Virginia. Should give us some love if you’re gonna post a pic of our star.

Posted by: Tar Heel in Va on 07/03/11 at 6:53 PM

I’ve seen that star up close. It’s beautiful when lit up, or covered in a dense fog during the day. Happy 4th to ya!

Posted by: Allan Lorde on 07/03/11 at 11:46 PM

Wow, you found Roanoke. Sweet!
I grew up there.

Posted by: toren on 07/05/11 at 12:47 PM
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