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July 27, 2011
Hump Day Fanning
Posted at 11:59 AM


WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO THIS: Field Notes are on the horribly addictive Fab.com! I woke up this morning, climbed out from underneath my rock, cleaned the crust from my eyes, yawned and got online, you know, to check our stock prices and everything else we dabble in. And right there in my inbox, that daily Fab.com enticer, with our beloved Field Notes staring me down. So awesome.

You guys need to get on Fab.com. They sell all sorts of boss items, and I’d be a bald-faced liar if I didn’t tell you that each and every day, there’s something that makes me drool a bit. Awesome stuff, all around. Addictive!

Just look at those Field Notes COLORS fanned out! You know who was behind this? Bryan Bedell. I know I puff my chest about this stuff all the time, and sure, I’ll accept and sport the “blowhard” moniker. Fits well. But man, BB is the secret weapon. Photos, writing, strategy, bloggery, humor, acting, file prep mastery, paper sampling, blue sky dreaming and all around precision on Field Notes projects from his position inside the Coudal Partners mainframe. I write these word with ferocious keyboard clicks. Thank you, Bryan. Forever.

- - - -

BUILD SOMETHING THAT WILL LAST FOR 100 YEARS: Have you stepped to our “American Tradesman Edition” yet? A lot of you have, and we thank you for it. But there a couple of you who have been on vacation, or in the clink, or in the wilderness or whatever We won’t pry. Act soon on these little workhorses. They are going fast. I’ve already filled my first book. Took me little under a week. So nice.

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