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FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM: What an incredible weekend! Seriously good. Some downtime, some catching up on stuff, meals, fireworks, rock, friends and family. Very thankful for the last four days.

Up above is the new key fob from MDP Bassworks here in Portland. I had a little something to do with that logo. Made it for Maureen! Very proud to see it out and about around town, on rockers and discerning upright bass players. Need some work done on that cello? Or that upright bass? Or guitar? MDP will take good care of you. Bonafide.

Danava shredded our faces off.

Dave Doman, you beast! Fucking great seeing you, man! Always.

I pity the cement underneath these Man Mountains. Our buddy Eric from Lord Dying. Leigh McKolay photo.

Fasil Debeb knows a good rock show when he witnesses one. Freedom! Leigh McKolay photo.

Danger Ehren chipped in to keep the amps upright when shit was getting wild. Leigh McKolay photo.

Red Fang Brian salutes the crowd! Mission accomplished. Leigh McKolay photo.

Vin and Chuck. A couple of freedom-loving sumbitches. Hell yes.

Vin watches over Faz and Chuck’s fireworks extravaganza. Inside that head ideas are churning. More Vin. Seriously.

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