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Had an incredible day at the WMC Fest! Thank you to everyone who bought a poster or t-shirt. Much appreciated, Cleveland! Tomorrow, I hit that stages, and heads roll! For Cleveland!

Up above, that’s the posters we unleashed today! Printed by a couple of Kansas City badasses Vahalla Studios, we had 200 of them ready for action and burned through a good 50 of the things! Holy shit. Thank you, WMC Fest attendees! My mind is blown.

Mig Reyes’ talk was great! Dan Cassaro’s talk was great! Met a million incredible Ohioans today. Thanks for coming by our DDC merch table. Much appreciated. Having a fuckload of fun. See you champions tomorrow!

Best of show so far? Young Jerks’ mini print going something like this, “T.G.I.F., You Piece of Shit.” Incredible.

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love this poster. my boyfriend picked one up to send to his sister who graduated from ohio state today, she loved it!

aaron, thank you so much for coming to lil’ old cleveland and inspiring us with all of your fire and grit. I loved seeing and hearing about your collection of vernacular and old shit. after my grandma passed away, my family and I had a hell of a time going through her basement studio (she was a ceramics artist) and finding boxes of old lightbulbs, camera manuals, coffee tins, it was amazing. I’m glad that I’m not the only one collecting that stuff, and I will continue to “rescue it” from the trash.

so thank you again, I have followed your work for a while and it was so good to see you here. and fuck sandals at weddings. gross.

Posted by: rachael on 06/12/11 at 7:54 PM

Can’t say enough how awesome it was to meet you at WMC fest. I look forward to future relations!

Posted by: Steve Knerem on 06/12/11 at 8:48 PM

I missed your booth at WMC FEST. Are these posters still available for order? I’d like posses on of these masterworks!

Posted by: Steven Andrew on 06/12/11 at 9:38 PM

I cannot tell you how much I covet an Ohio poster. Here’s to hoping you bring at least one back.

Posted by: Dabe on 06/13/11 at 10:52 AM

Amazing Aaron! Best. Weekend. Ever. I somehow never picked up that Ohio Poster, or any other DDC stuff. :-(

Posted by: Jeff Finley on 06/13/11 at 4:01 PM

Cleveland loved having you! Looking forward to rocking my DDC shirt and hair organizer.

Posted by: Mark Nizinski on 06/14/11 at 7:36 AM


Posted by: rs on 06/15/11 at 9:07 AM

I have been looking for something like this! It’s incredible -is it possible to get a print? I’m in Cincinnati.

Posted by: Andrew E on 06/17/11 at 7:17 AM

please please tell us you’ll sell the extra copies of the OHIO poster online!!!

As someone who grew up in OHIO, My heart (and family) will always be there even if I’m 4 states away.

Lovely poster! I will buy one in a sec. Just post a paypal link!

Posted by: Joshua Douglas on 06/21/11 at 5:05 PM

Yes, I need one of these posters, too!

Posted by: Dan on 06/22/11 at 3:58 PM
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