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Draplin Design Co., North America


LET’S BUILD SOMETHING, AMERICA: And a good place to start is with our new Field Notes COLORS “American Tradesman” Edition. As part of our Summer subscription service, and, open to the public. That’s means you!

FROM FIELDNOTESBRAND.COM: Celebrate summer and your €œto do€ list with the newest FIELD NOTES COLORS limited edition. €œAmerican Tradesman€ pocket memo books feature a Neenah 120# duplex cover. The outside of the cover is €œIndigo Blue€ with a vertical linear finish (see detail, right) and €œJefferson Nickel€ metallic silver type, the inside cover is a smooth €œAvalanche White€ printed in €œConcord Red.€ The inside paper is 50# Finch Opaque printed with a light cool-gray graph.

BUILD A TREE FORT FOR THE KIDS: Field Notes COLORS: €œAmerican Tradesman€ Edition

Each 3-Pack includes a sturdy 7€ carpenter pencil and a Field Notes Workshop Reference Card featuring instructions for sharpening. When you€™re armed with this mighty stylus and 144 pages of graph paper, no patriotic thought nor workshop inspiration will escape careful documentation. Build a shed, a half-pipe, a php script, or a screenplay. Whatever you build, build it to last and paint some stars and stripes on that beast.


The FIELD NOTES €œAmerican Tradesman€ edition will ship next week (the week of June 27). Watch this space for a big new contest, especially if you€™re planning a construction project of some sort. Order now and you€™ll be automatically entered.

BUILD A DECK: Field Notes COLORS: €œAmerican Tradesman€ Edition

Get it going, America. I’ve been messing around with my carpenter pencil for a week or so, with plans drawn up for the following:

01. An addition to the house.
02. That backyard mini-ramp I always wanted.
03. Storage for our Vintage Memo Book Super Archive.

And that’s just the start! Get it going with our new FField Notes COLORS “American Tradesman” Edition! Act now. Going fast.

There Are 3 Comments

Is that a Ryobi drill peeking in from the side? No DeWalt, or god forbid, a Milwaukee with a man sized 1/2” chuck? Sorry, I’m cranky because you are sold out of DDC crew socks.

Posted by: Thom Cheney on 06/27/11 at 9:28 AM

Hey Draplin!
I love these things! I’m going to buy my Dad some for his birthday. Being on the job site he writes on everything I figured this would better suit him. Thanks again for the great week at Mankato. I’m still using skills you presented us, and I am trying to “keep things simple.” Anyways Hope life is grand!

Posted by: Chad Freund on 07/01/11 at 8:57 AM

I really like the new pencils, are those going to be for sale alone? Or could you hook up a Michigan born and raised guy if not?

Posted by: Adam Smith on 07/03/11 at 9:04 AM
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