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Draplin Design Co., North America


ON TABLE/ONSCREEN: Marty’s here and “the bindings are on the table.” Or, “files are on the screen.” I jumped the gun on that one. That’s what he says in the fall, when the samples come back from somewhere far away and magical. “Draplin, when the bindings are on the table…” Etc.

Here’s a list of “Martino-Speak” that we say:

01. “So good up there.” (Cliché shred talk.)
02. “Super sweaty.” (suede.)
03. “Getthefuckouttahere.” (Leave, now.)
04. “Easy, Turbo.” (Slow down, dickhead.)
05. “Schtüüünnnk.” (Done.)
06. “Let’s go to lunch.” (Chow time.)
07. “I don’t have much power. Sorry.” (Feeling tired.)
08. “Cancel that.” (Erase that.)
09. “My brother.” (Family.)
10. “I go get a coffee.” (Guys needs little pick-me-up.)
11. “Free is best.” (Make it yourself, Draplin.)

Let’s just get this straight, right fucking now: If anyone fucks with Martino Fumagalli, they fuck with the entire DDC enterprise. Here, or abroad. Know this. Same goes for Kleckner. Any of you bastards even so much as eyeball him, you’ll be hearing from us.

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