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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 27, 2011
Kim Deal Visit
Posted at 11:37 AM



A PIXIE VISITED US: I’m trying to keep the “fanboy shit” at bay here, but goddammed if the Kim Deal didn’t visit the DDC factory floor! So awesome. She’s cool as hell with all sorts of stories and greatness. Leigh and I shot the shit with her for awhile and loaded her up with some DDC gear. She’s up here recording new songs! So good.

Ohio’s very own Chris Glass facilitated this transaction after we added “Kelley and Kim” to our “Everything Ohio” poster a month back. Thank you, buddy. Of course, those rockin’ Ohioans had to be on that poster. I’ve been listening to those Breeders and Pixies since those wild, early ’90s. Gold sounds. Thanks for coming by, Kim! Great to meet you.

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