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June 01, 2011
Just What We Needed
Posted at 01:26 PM


WE ALWAYS SAY THIS: We need more color. We shorten it down, too: More color. You know, we’ll be on some monotone project all week, or what have you, and we just need some color spectrums shoved in our face to liven up the cockpit a little.

And of course, those goddamned Flaming Lips never fail in this department. Here’s some “behind the scenes” vinyl action of their latest Lips/Prefuse 73 record being pressed up in Dallas. Get a load of that color! I’ve got a copy on the way. Hell yeah.

Fellow color-digger Bill Zindel sent this one in, and we thank him for it. Incredible link. Made my whole week, this one.

- - - -

ONE OF OHIO’S GREATEST: Don Pendleton and the world of Elephont! Been too long since I checked in on this slice of Ohio. So good. Damn. Been digging on Don for a long, long time. One of my favorite Ohioans.

- - - -

SPEAKING OF OHIO: 55 hours to go, people! WMC Fest is coming up, and the Kickstarter they’ve got rolling is just about funded! Throw some loot their way. It’s going to be a great weekend for Cleveland.

We’re readying materials for our big talk and “general presence” around the event. Namely, a monster poster with all the shit we love about Ohio. And hell, it’s a quite a list. You’ll see. So much Ohio on this fucker.

- - - -

HALFWAY THROUGH: We’re making incredible progress on the new album design for Richmond Fontaine. The cover, back cover, cd face and insert are all at 99%. Once they are all done, shit gets fired off over to England to Decor Records. Real proud to be rolling up the sleeve for Willy and the boys again. Seriously.

When you look back at all the shit that you got to work on, what sticks out? Think about that for a second. The shit that made you loot, but you would never show it? Nah. The committee’d stuff that was just a paycheck? Hell no. It’s this kind of shit. A friend’s art built into this little package. I’m so proud to help out. Thanks, guys.

- - - -


01. Centro-Matic - Candidate Waltz
02. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
03. Danava - UnonoU
04. Dave Van Ronk - Inside Dave Van Ronk
05. Bill Frisell - Nashville
06. Son Volt - American Central Dust
07. Dead Moon - Echoes Of The Past

There is One Comment

that “more color” piece is elegantly complex. love all the different shapes that can be seen within it. i dig it!

Posted by: Chris Walker on 06/02/11 at 4:27 PM
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