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Drove down to Detroit early this morning, to catch our flight out to Portland this afternoon. And so it went, we boarded our first leg to Minneapolis, only to be pulled off due to a maintenance issue. Damn. Nothing like all the sweat of boarding being made meaningless, with a swift deplaning. Damn, again. Leigh and I sat around in the terminal, then got our act together and hopped a direct flight out to Portland. Which, wouldn’t you know, just as we were getting ready to board, a weather alert came on and they dragged all the people off the plane for another big, honkin’ delay. Someone said something about “hurricanes.” Hmmm. Off Lake Huron? So we sat there for another hour or something, finally taking off around 7:00 in the PM, Detroit standard time. A long, sweaty flight. 4.5 hours. Dumb.

Got into Portland late and tried like hell to reset everything. Got a lot of work ahead of me the next couple months. Imagine that?

Too short of a visit back home. Damn, for the third time.

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ONE OF THE WEB’S BEST: Big, beautiful, vintage airline logos. So good. Love this shit. To whoever made it: “Thanks!” from the DDC.

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