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May 04, 2011
NASA Payload
Posted at 03:30 PM


DAYWRECKER/NIGHTWRECKER WARNING: Holy shit. One of the best links we’ve seen in a long, long time. Get orbiting with this little Flickr set: “NASA Mission Patch Stickers and More.”

Yes, that link packs one interstellar punch, but, uh, back out one level and check out this guy’s incomparable collection of “Sets.”

There goes the rest of the day.

I spent 20 minutes on this one alone. Uh, yeah. Brilliant. Only 410 more in that set alone.

Be careful getting into these people. Yer brain is going to instantly wormhole to a time when type was clean, mean and right, and if you are lucky, you’ll never come back. Holy shit. Thank you Jason Liebig for sharing this stuff with the world. Seriously.

Like this one: Nebraska gets that 7Up spirit, and won’t let go of it!

- - - -

HERE’S MORE AWESOME STUFF: Sent in by Chris Streger, who we worry about. He’s operating out of NYC, and man, that town can eat a guy up. Be careful out there. Oh yeah, the link: USA Soda! Just right, man, just right. This one and this one!

Hey Rose, you prick, imagine a ‘“Sixer” of these in the ice chest, for those hot pipes of yers?

- - - -


01. Top Secret Shit - Top Secret Album
02. TV On The Radio - Nine Types of Light
03. No Age - Everything In Between
04. J Mascis - Several Shades of Why

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