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Draplin Design Co., North America


WHAT A WAY TO END THE WORKWEEK: Here’s an INCREDIBLE Flickr set called “Retro Logo Goodness.” This is required viewing for all who read this. Learn something here. Thank you to Jordan Lloyd for compiling into such a tight kit.

This, this and this!

- - - -

TIME TO GET AWESOME: Holy fuck! Dylan Jones’ sent in little doodad he’s got going called “Album of Awesomeness.” This will not disappoint. Get in there and get nasty with it. Very awesome.

- - - -

AN UPDATE TO BE RECKONED WITH: Central Oregon’s Adam Haynes updates his site, so get in there and check out his amazing illustration work: Stickfort! Mindblowing lines, people. I’ve seen the stuff up close. Like, real close, inspecting the guy’s chops with my loupe. He’s the real deal. Seriously. Coding muscle by Nate Bedortha!

- - - -

“5,000” OF ANYTHING IS A BIG NUMBER: And DDC readership, we are fast approaching our 5,000 DDC Twit Feed follower. Wow. That’s a small town somewhere. Follow us. Let’s get it going. We’ve got shit to say, and let it fly on there. Things you should know about. Things you can wonder about. Entertainment, maybe?

Here’s our pitch on why you should follow us:

- We don’t butcher the English language. Ever.
- Our Tweets are numbered, using scientific methods.
- We mean what we Tweet.
- Something we say: “Every Tweet means something.”

And when we hit that 5,000th follower, well, they will lifted on our shoulders and the party will begin. We’ve got a special gift for that lucky DDC Twit Feed follower. Who’s it gonna be? Official DDC “Mystery Gift” awaits!

Hell, ask Bedortha! He was our 1,973rd, and we brought him in to make a big deal about the thing. Outfitted him, set him up with very-limited Field Notes, etc. Survival gear. Here’s proof!

- - - -

KICKSTART THIS ONE WITH A LITTLE KICK TO THE START: “Project Galvanize” is a little deal Brian Beavers is working up. Printed matter, people. There’s an interesting cast of folks from all over the design spectrum in there, and this thing needs to see the light of day. We contributed a spirited interview to it, and look forward to a stack of copies to distribute around Portland. Lend a hand, folks!

- - - -

A QUICK ONE: Heathropolis.com’s Heath comes in real hot with a gem from the past: “The Oil That Creeps.” Good eye, buster! Thank you, man.

- - - -

AND FINALLY: To the thief who stole my trusty iPod out of Big V, well, we hope you enjoy it. 80 gigabytes of rock music for you to enjoy while you prowl the means streets of Northeast Sandy Blvd. If you keep the thing, keep some of the tunes on there. You might learn something. That, and, the idea of my shit being traded out for the last Murder Rap/Kesha/Rascal Flatts bullshit just plain hurts. Oh, and I wish 100 years of earache upon you, too. Just for fun.

- - - -


01. Bill Fox - Shelter From The Storm
02. Alejandro Escovedo - Real Animal
03. Richard Buckner - Bloomed
04. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - The Letting Go
05. Melvins - Stoner Witch
06. Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits

There is One Comment

Although you don’t butcher the English language in your tweets you managed to make a couple of mistakes in this post.
You wrote “loop” instead of “loupe” and there are a couple of other words missing.

Yes, I am a stickler who works for the grammar police and English is not even my native language. What an annoying prick I am.

Posted by: Andrea Austoni on 04/29/11 at 3:26 PM
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