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April 21, 2011
Polish Petrol
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WENT DEEP, AND DUG THIS UP: Digging around today, I unearthed the jewel above. Polish Petrol or something. Maybe someone knows exactly what it is?

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it’s CPN - petrol product central [now PKN Orlen] -
polish network of petrol and gas stations.

via Wikipedia:

The firm was created through the merger of Poland’s two communist oil monopolies. PKN Orlen has its roots in the creation of C.P.N., Communist Poland’s petroleum retail monopoly in 1944. In the 1950s, the second block of PKN Orlen was formed, Petrochemia PĆ‚ock, a state firm in charge of the refineries in PĆ‚ock and grew to become the largest complex of its kind in Poland. After the merger of CPN and Petrochemia Plock, the company was renamed into Polski Koncern Naftowy (PKN), with Orlen added several months later as the consortium’s brand name. The new name is derived from Orl- for “orzeĆ‚” (Polish: eagle) and its adjective “orli”, and -en for “energia” (Polish: energy).

the logo was created in 60ies by Ryszard Bojar
polish designer. after more than 50 years of existing this brand changed it’s name to PKN Orlen but still polish call “cpn” every petrol station.

here are other, well designed polish logo in times of communism

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