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April 11, 2011
Thank You, Austin!
Posted at 11:33 PM


Rather than fuck around with some tearjerker of a report on our incredible Austin trip, we made up a list on the plane ride back. We had too good of a time down there. Seriously. So thankful for every little bit of it. Even the heat and ball sweat. Those too. Okay, here it goes:

01. An adventurous Portland > Chicago > Houston > Austin travel day!
02. The hospitality of Josh Kramer and Bart Kibbe!
03. All the beautiful Austinites that came to the show. Wow.
04. Having Evan introduce Dale: “We’ve got a real pile of shit coming up…”
05. Then Dale introducing me: “Let’s get ready to vectooooooorrrrrr!!!!!”
06. Giving my talk to a packed house of sweaty Texans. Thank you!
07. Selling a mountain of DDC merch! Slayed it!
08. Meeting all the Public School gang. One tough bunch!
09. Dinner with Texas wildmen DJ Stout and Marc English. Carne Asada!
10. Seeing all the Hoopty rides downtown, on the way back to the hotel.
11. Air conditioning the room. Had that fucker at 57 degrees.
12. Breakfast at Juan In A Million’s. Had migas.
13. Junkin’ around Austin.
14. A stop into Domy to peruse their comprehensive book selection.
15. A visit to McGarrah Jessee, the folks behind Whataburger and Shiner! Thank you Marcellina, Laurie and David!
16. Marveling at the absolute “beardmastery” of John Tullis. Wow.
17. The Print+Addiction night of screenprinting! So much ink. So good.
18. Meeting Dale’s buddy Andy and his family. Michigan!
19. Late night grub with Josh Kramer at the Jackelope.
20. Meeting the incomparable Geoff Peveto, and getting a tour of his compound.
21. Seeing Wayne’s original painting for “Oh My Gawd…” (See previous post!!!)
22. Geoff’s got ALL of those old Lips screenprints. Damn, son! (Scroll down!)
23. Supper at Frank. Best hot dog joint, maybe ever.
24. Rides from Josh and Bart. Thanks, fellas.
25. The ever-expanding “Evan Rose-ness” of Evan Rose.
26. Daleface.
27. The Yard Dog Gallery on Congress. All those Langfords!!!
28. Ice cream at Amy’s. Peveto recommends the “sweat creme.”
29. Chuggin’ water like it was my last drink. Still thirsty.
30. Meeting Ryan Rhodes! Insanely awesome work here.
31. Street musicians in Austin actually have it going on.
32. All the great people we met the whole weekend. You, you and you!

01. That heat. And that’s about it. Damn.
02. One fire ant attack. They got Dale, so we’re cool with that.

01. The Houston airport and all inhabitants, including Dale and I.

- - - -

ONE MORE TIME: I just have to thank all the people who made this happen, just one more time. Thank you for believing in the DDC! All of you. So thankful for this whole thing.

Creative Workers Union | LewisCarnegie
Foxtrot Alpha Bravo | Industry Print Shop | Pentagram
Public School | Live Oaks Brewing

There Are 5 Comments

Your tall tales are always a pleasure, but I have to say that Dale’s intro was a highlight!

Keep up the hard work and constant badgering.

Posted by: Will Bryant on 04/12/11 at 10:34 AM

So glad you could make the trip….and I’ve never met a more talented ‘piece of shit’. Nice. Sorry about the heat.

Posted by: Alan Stulberg on 04/13/11 at 11:05 AM

such a wicked mark. love it dude! make stickers!!!

Posted by: Brett Stenson on 04/14/11 at 7:33 AM

Peveto is a BAWSE!

Posted by: Mike Davis on 04/15/11 at 8:38 PM

Make this a tshirt!

Posted by: Blaine on 11/16/13 at 10:14 PM
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