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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 05, 2011
Down To Texas, Tomorrow!
Posted at 05:27 PM


SO BUSY I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT: All kinds of stuff coming to a head today! The shop is starting to take shape and the piles are dissipating. Slow and steady wins the race!

All this, today…

- Sending logos overseas. No details to be given. Sealed lips.
- Sending album covers out to Scappoose. Just north of here.
- Picking t-shirt colors for Austin! Black, orange and gray. Imagine that.
- Readying designs for said screenprinting blowout.
- Approving separations for a monster Texas poster! Wow.
- Thinking about little clothing labels.
- Caught in “dobro mania” with the soothin’ plucking of Jerry Douglass.
- Destroyed a Honey Chicken from Pho Green Papaya. Still hungry.
- Reformatted Viva Voce’s top secret record design into a CD format. Yes!
- Packaged of a shit ton of DDC merch for Austin! Precious cargo.
- Confirmed the addition of one Evan Rose for our Austin event staff. So gross.
- Shot the shit with George from Union. A good buddy.
- Shared stern words this morning with Jess Gibson. Not pretty.
- Worked out some kinks with our understanding landlords. Thanks!
- Readied my “go for broke/fire ant attack” presentation for Austin!
- Shipped a mountain of DDC merch. Thank you, proud customers!
- Updated our “Proud Customers” gallery. The best of the best in there. Do not fuck with them.

One of those kinds of days. The kind we love. So much shit to do, and hell, just so thankful for all of it. Even the part where Jess took a swing at me, and I’ll wrastled him into a a pile of DDC t-shirts until he calmed the fuck down. The nerve.

- - - -

THIS JUST IN: Leigh is on the premises, and is rolling posters like a fire cat! Thanks, sweetie, my love, my my nougat, my gem, my breath of fresh air…10 per tube…roll like the wind!

- - - -

MORE OR LESS, ALL FOR THIS: We fly out tomorrow, Austin! Large men in small seats…multiple legs…sweaty patrons…for this: “DDC vs. Austin: Tall Tales From A Large Man!”

Hell, we even made it on the LewisCarnegie site!
This is the joint that’s brave enough to host this event/fiasco. Thank you, thank you. Very appreciated.

Getting very fired up, Austin. We’re bringing everything we’ve got. In spirit, merch and brotherly backup…you’ll see. Grab a seat…this shit’s getting serious.

- - - -

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MISSING THIS ONE: PRINT+addiction Presents: Aaron FUCKIN Draplin” Eight designs, eight screens, eight inks = Octoawesome! Shit’s going down Friday night, Austin. Namely, thick-ass ink on durable fibers. T-shirts, people. Simple things you need. Come one, come all! Let’s slang some ink! See you there, fuckers.

- - - -

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Porky’s of St. Paul is closing its doors. Damn.

Derek Schille will be sure to hit it up a couple times before Sunday, for wholesome meals for him and his family. I’m sorry about this one, man. Another cool joint, on the way out. Hurts to hear it.

Here’s a cool, little set Schille’s buddy took of Porky’s. Feeling sad.

- - - -


01. Jerry Douglass - Best of the Sugar Hill Years
02. J Mascis - Several Shades of Why
03. Idaho - Levitate
04. Butthole Surfers - Widowermaker

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Scappoose Rocks! Who are you doing album work for there?

Posted by: Benjamin on 04/06/11 at 11:07 AM

Viva Voce has a new album coming out? With Draplin involved on the design end? HLYSHT, my day just got infinitely better!

Posted by: jrmy on 04/07/11 at 11:47 AM
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