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April 09, 2011
Austin Weekend: Day 03
Posted at 11:34 PM

“The Flaming Lips On Tour With The Chili Peppers!”

“The Flaming Lips On Tour With Richard Davies!”

Geoff’s takes me into his inner sanctum, and yanks these slabs out.

Recognize that painting? We did. Someday, we’ll tell you the story. So rad.

I was sort of excited. What can I say? A brush with Wayne, literally.

Then Geoff took us out to Texas’ greatest hot dog joint, “Frank.” He’s one of the owners of the place, and they do it riiiiight! Seriously. I was checking the kerning on shit. No errors, anywhere. And, they had “regular old yellow mustard” in abundance. Thanks for supper, Geoff!

Nourished my girth with a Beer Brat and a Chicago Dog. Destroyed these things.

The wall inside Frank. Finally got to see it up close, after all these years. Incredible place. Be hungry when you show up there.

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Diggin’ the Chicago dogs!

Posted by: Nutmegger Workshop on 04/29/11 at 9:54 AM
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