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LONG DRIVES/LOUD OCTAVES: The VazRabbits are playing a string of shows up the West Coast starting this Saturday down in Sacto. Heavy tunes for heavy times. Mark Phillips of WROID WRAGE Enterprises came by a couple weeks back and we wrastled a poster together for the tour. That’s what you are seeing above. Rock tunes, people. Heavy. Vaz used to be Hammerhead, so, act accordingly. Rabbits are from Portland and they rip. Go see these shows. A nice out out with the family.

- - - -

ONE BOSS GUITAR: “The G6199 Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird” by Gretsch.

- - - -

ALL IN ONE PLACE, LIKE THEY SHOULD BE: The Manual of Traffic Signs. All of them! Get in there, drivers. Bad memories attached to certain part of road trips, staring these fuckers down.

This, here, precisely, is why the internet is a marvelous place, that kinda exists, but kinda doesn’t, as is made up of tiny bits of electric data, much like ourselves, I’d reckon. (This link brought to you in part by a lifetime supply of “awesome links” from Bendall.biz, makers of rad shit.)

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FROM THE CAROLINAS: Gil Schuler updates, and packs a real punch. All kinds of good stuff in there. Like this! So good. And this! Pride of Charleston, S.C. Hell yeah, Gil!

- - - -

AMERICAN WOOD/AMERICAN STEEL: Another little ditty from the Best Made Co. that should get you fired up, and glad to be alive, making things, buying things and maybe even chopping wood: “Unfurling the American Felling Axe” (Thank you, Jeremy Hunt!)

- - - -


01. Vaz - Demonstration In Micronesia
02. Volcano Suns - Boston @ WERS 1984
03. Will Johnon - Vultures Await
04. Damian Jurado - Saint Bartlett
05. Ladyhawk - Ladyhawk
06. J Mascis - Several Shades of Why

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