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March 19, 2011
Sedona Sun Beatdown
Posted at 03:23 PM


Had a nice morning junkin’ in Portland’s Northeast neighborhoods. The first one was chock full of treasures, and, a long line of hopeful parasites stretched outside the front door. Myself included. And a couple other shady character we won’t elaborate on. The second one we hit was a real dud. Sometimes you strike out. No big deal.

Anyway, after a little pleasure, I came into the shop to catch up on fun stuff, and found the image above waiting for me in my inbox, courtesy of one K. W. Dewitt. He snapped this shot yesterday, and had this to say, “I was piddling around in Sedona, AZ yesterday and saw this sign.” Just that simple, people.

Thank you, buddy. Good eye, good eye.

- - - -

ON A RELATED NOTE: That 76 logo, and some thick-lined arrows. Yes! So good.

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