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March 31, 2011
Indie Cred Testing In Session!
Posted at 01:42 PM


OUR CACHE SHOWED UP FROM THE ATLANTA: The Indie Cred Test by concerned staff of Chunklet Industries.

And holy shit, I can’t really even start in on how great they turned out. We had a little something to do with the design of the thing, rolling up our sleeves with Henry for many months now. And to mindblowing results.

I almost died multiple times along the way, and Henry, that big softie, wouldn’t leave me behind. He’d stand me back up on my feet, pat me off, slap me hard and say, “Draplin, you cocksucker, get me those pages. Squirrel bait!” Something like that. He believed in me when the chips were down. And for that, I thank that big ol’ S.O.B. for the opportunity to lend my typographic services to such a integral project for the young Indie Rock upstart.

You need this. Might as well get it out of the way before a long life worrying about things like “ringwear” and “encore politics” and “books you didn’t read, but have out for people to see.” Etc. Things like this.

Start a new life here: The Indie Cred Test! Buy two.

- - - -

I’VE GOT A NICE STACK OF THESE: The Sparrow Press covers for all those Bukowski books. Great shit. The kind of stuff I read in my early years, fresh out on my feet for the first time. Wild reads.

- - - -

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, TEXAS: We’re coming for you, Austin! Right for the throat. The Creative Workers Union contacted us some months back and plans were drawn up for a one-night-only talk thing where I fly down, let it fly, eat some Migas, and then fly back. Somewhere in that timeline, you buy some must-have DDC merch, and, the most TEXAS’d poster you’ll ever see. Holy shit. Wait until you see this beast. It’s a big state! Cut us some goddamned slack, second biggest state in the union!

Here’s the link from the CWU: “DDC vs. AUSTIN: TALL TALES FROM A LARGE MAN”

Here’s the link of the Facewhizz: “DDC vs. AUSTIN: TALL TALES FROM A LARGE MAN”

Pass these sausage links on to good people. And bad people. This one is going to be fun as shit. You’ve got our word on that one.

- - - -


01. Dead Child - Attack LOUD. WOW. 11.
02. Mark Olson - Salvation Blues
03. Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps
04. Obits - Moody, Standard and Poor

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Mark and I saw the ICT book at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points, Atlanta a couple weekends ago. Grats! Nice work.

Posted by: Janeen on 03/31/11 at 8:07 PM

Aaron, the book is awesome! NIce work.

Posted by: Morgan Wichman on 04/06/11 at 5:32 PM
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