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SERIOUSLY: So…exhausted…after…a long…long…day of conference action.

- - - -

ONE LAST THING: Highlight of the day was a Wahoo’s chicken bowl, both beans, extra salsa, three limes and an extra tortilla to mop up the juices! October 2001 “Customer of the Month” status, man.

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Hey, Aaron, thanks for the chat after your thinkshop. I was that guy with the tattoos who threw the “deer in headlights” look whenever you asked me something music related. Blame lack of sleep, im usually a hell of a lot more coherent.

Anyway, talking to you really helped give me perspective on what I want to do next, and I wanted to say thanks. Im up in portland pretty often, maybe I can buy you a beer sometime.

Posted by: Matt Rooney on 03/30/11 at 8:40 PM
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