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March 20, 2011
First Visit To The Oregon Zoo
Posted at 11:01 PM

The otters were great. Real crowdpleasers. Funny little guys. So wet.

This little mandrill was eyeballing us real hard. With that look that sorta said, “If it wasn’t for the fence, barrier, electric zapper unit and two-inch bulletproof glass between us, I’d rip you fucks to shreds.”

In tribute to this polar bear, I toned the photo “extra blue,” to make it feel as cold as possible. It was 52 degrees out today and I felt bad for the thing. Her fur was looking ragged and stuff. And possibly in an act of defiance, she bear lumbered over and took a big piss for all the little kids to see.
- - - -

DID A QUICK GOOGLE ON THE MATTER: There’s really no excuse for a shitty zoo logo. I’m sure some of these turkeys could come up with some. Shameful. Missed opportunities.

- - - -

THIS WAS PLAYING IN MY HEAD THE WHOLE TIME: “Christmas At The Zoo” by the goddamned Flaming Lips. That drumbeat always gets me. Still in my head.

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I’ve always liked the Toronto Zoo logo, and I suspect it would meet with your approval. Hometown pride represent!

Posted by: Derek on 03/21/11 at 9:04 AM

Lance Wyman’s Logo & signage system for the Minnesota Zoo (circa 1979) is one of the all-time greats.

Right up your alley Aaron…


Posted by: Justin Braem on 03/22/11 at 1:40 PM
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