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February 11, 2011
Missouri Fast Moves
Posted at 11:43 PM


ANOTHER FAST ONE: Woke up with 10 hours of shut-eye under the belt. 10 hours. Felt like a million bucks. Bryan grabbed me and we zipped over to MIZZOU to talk to a small class of students for a couple hours. Walked them through a couple existing projects, through a couple harrowing graphic situations and answered some burning questions about what I do and how I get away with it all. Fun group. Sold a little merch to the kids and headed over for lunch at Shakespeare’s pizza. Good grub.

Then we got the hell out of town, driving 140 mph over to Kansas City. Fast times. We even squeezed in a quick stop at Zebedee’s, which is hands-down, the best record store in all of KC. Got some ‘68 Comeback 7-inchers for a buck, as well as some unlistenable Estrus stuff. Mainly for the Chantry designs.

Then we shot over to the airport, where I literally was the last one to check in, go through security, take a quick piss and board the plane over to Salt Lake City. By the skin of my teeth. Cuttin’ it close, Kansas City style! Wow.

Thank you to Bryan and Danielle for racin’ me over, and, for MIZZOU believing in me, enought to bring me down to talk, putting me up, feeding me and being incredible hosts. Much appreciated, MIZZOU!

- - - -


01. Booches Billiard Hall. Get a couple burgers, choke down a couple Stags and play a game of pool. Or don’t. Great neon and old ways. Glad you are still going, Booches. Incredible.

02. Leo’s Old Clothes for cool old treasures, trinkets, records, hats and clothes, clothes, clothes. Go. Cool people that will let you dig.

03. Shakespeare’s Pizza. Every MIZZOU student eats this every day. There. That should be enough of a reason to go.

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