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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 19, 2011
Futura Backpack
Posted at 11:20 AM


Santa Cruz’s resident hard-ass Eli Atkins sent this one in. No idea where he saw it. Just great. Testify to the strength, timelessness and unfuckwithableness of Futura Bold. Seriously.

It’s Saturday. If you are on the clock, make it count. Same goes if you are freeloadin’ around the house. We’re doing a little of both today.

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Hey Aaron, have you ever seen guitar jackets? I dont think they stuck around too long but is someone mad a kickass design, or perhaps a carhartt….hmmm. Just sayin’

Posted by: Unka Kev on 02/20/11 at 8:51 AM
Posted by: Greg on 02/20/11 at 9:22 PM

LOVE your “good work for good people”
Bold, clear, positive.

Posted by: Ros Nelson on 02/21/11 at 11:14 AM
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