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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 07, 2011
Focusing On Missouri
Posted at 04:25 PM


THE WEEK STARTS, AND WE FOCUS ON MISSOURI: That’s right, Middle America! We’re coming to you, and we’ve got some shit to say. “DDC vs. MIZZOU” as part of our marginally-entertaining “Tall Tales From A Large Man” traveling design chatter series. The entire DDC enterprise, up on a stage, spilling our guts out to the ears of wide-eyed young design students, accomplished colleagues, spirited professors, randoms, outcasts and whoevers. You are all invited. See you Thursday night!

- - - -

CARHARTT GREATNESS: 10 Engines’ James Fox comes in way hot, and duck canvassed with a couple incredible Carhartt posts. Here’s Carhartt Post No. 01 and Carhartt Post No. 02. Get it going. Duck canvas. Double knee. Triple-stitched. Thanks, buddy. These are incredible. Makes me miss the jacket I had in high school. Red quilt lining!

- - - -

RIGHT HERE IN PORTLAND: The incredible work of Nutmegger Workshop, specializing in Vintage Sign Art. Cool, cool stuff. I usually can’t hack this kind of stuff, cuz the type will be so bad, and like, one “flecked/faux-damaged photoshop filter” away from “completely forgettable type design.” Not the case here. Good shit. Thank you for doing it right, guys. Appreciated.

Thank you, Chris Fato for sending this one our way. No one ever told us about these guys here in Portland, and wouldn’t you know it, it takes a fella from Chicago to tip us off to great stuff going on up the street here in Portland. Embarrassing. And, thank you for the good work you do. People often ask me, “Well, Mr. Saving America’s Signs With Your Big Mouth, just what can we do?” Well, here’s a step in the right direction: Hire Holeshot Studios to make yer sign. Quality. Consideration. Strength. There you go.

- - - -


01. Paul Westernerg - Mono
02. Paul Westerberg - Stereo
03. Pentagram - First Daze Here
04. Wipers - Is This Real
05. Superchunk - Foolish

There is One Comment

Thanks for the plug! Just ran across Chris the other day. I’m a solo gig actually. My wife helps push some sheets through the table saw once in a while! Kids too. Thus the “we” on my site. Basement shop, etc. Thanks for liking my work. Love your identity design.


Posted by: Pete Vogel on 02/07/11 at 6:47 PM
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