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February 04, 2011
Blue Ox Blues
Posted at 01:33 PM


THE SAME STUFF WE WROTE IN OCTOBER, REPURPOSED IN FEBRUARY: That‚€™s the poster for the show up above! A ‚€œvery limited edition‚€ sort of thing made possible by Burlesque North America. Holy shit, guys. Thank you. My little tribute to Minnesota. All the stuff I love about the place. Packed it all in. Thick paper. Going fast. They are selling them on the Burlesque site! Click that link, and get the Minnesota deep winter blues with us!

- - - -


01. 24‚€ x 30‚€ on the thickest paper they could get into the press.
02. 4-color. ‚€œBruised Dark Blue‚€ ‚€œBlue Ox Blue‚€ ‚€œIcicle Refraction Maetallic Blue‚€ and ‚€œBluebird Sky Blue‚€
03. Very Limited Edition of 150 or so.
04. I‚€™m gonna sign each and everyone of them.
05. Everything I love about this state.
06. For Minnesota.
07. You need this.

- - - -

SOME SERIOUS INK, PEOPLE: Precision moves for the printing of the poster come from Ben in the print shop. Ben‚€™s got a 13-year-old beard. So beardy. So good. Next time you find yerself wondering about all the cool printed shit from Burlesque, think, ‚€œBen is the guy behind it.‚€ Then think about that beard again. Incredible. I‚€™m in good hands. So thankful.

There is One Comment

This is great. I just oredered one. It’s all the MN claim to fame’s gathered in one place.

But what about Robert Zimmerman?

Posted by: Jeff Euteneuer on 02/14/11 at 11:20 AM
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