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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 10, 2011
Posted at 01:03 PM


WHIRLWIND ACTION: Well if that wasn’t a wild one, I don’t know what was.

Got up at the ass crack of dawn in Portland, hopped a plane to Minneapolis, enjoyed a window seat and empty seat between me and some mean-faced dame who wasn’t looking too excited to be in the last row, had a quickie layover in Minneapolis long enough to hate on Ryno some, hopped another flight down to Kansas City, got picked up by Bryan Butler and buddy at MCI, got on I-70 and hightailed it for MIZZOU, got into town, found the auditorium, quickly set the shit up, changed into my jeans, lights went down, gave my spirited talk to a good 45-50 of Central Missouri’s finest citizens, wrapped it up, sold some DDC merch, shook some hands, packed up and headed for supper downtown with a handful of organizers and design students.

Ended the night arguing with some forgettable front desk clerk out on the interstate at the Extended Stay over the $4.99 wireless charge. I gave up and just made my way up to the room and sacked the fuck out. Tired carcass. Long day of travel and tall tales.

- - - -

FOR THE RECORD: Kansas City’s MCI airport code stands for: “Mid-Continent International.” Learn something every day. Thanks, Twitter folks. Appreciated.

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