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January 09, 2011
Last Day In Northern Michigan
Posted at 07:39 PM


Spent one last day around the house. Trying to work, some tube time, sleeping in, napping, whatever. My parent’s compound is a very comfortable place. And fuck, it’s hard to leave. I get home, the pants come off, and I lay lowwwww.

Thank to Mom and Dad for taking good care of me the last couple weeks. Very thankful.

Dad and I have these odd “stare-offs” where I get this weird feeling and that old bastard’ll being staring me down. Just flat out messing with me. Father against son. And man, I’ll lock eyes with him and he won’t flinch one cell. Nothingness. Just staring into deep, soulless eyes. And I crack up. Can’t hold the stare much longer than a 10 seconds or so. This is how Dad and I keep eachother on our toes. Always fuckin’ with each other. I could take him. Easy job.

Again, thank you Mom and Dad. And to Leigh. All of you the last couple weeks. Thank you.

Had a nice dinner with the McKolay family unit tonight in town, with Mom and Dad joining us. At a place called Bubba’s. Good burgers. I had fajitas. Good stuff.

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