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GETTING MY WITS BACK: Just enough to freak the fuck out over “The Steno” from Field Notes!

We put our heads together with experts of Field Notes Midwest and made these some time back, completely filling the inside front cover and inside back cover with useful information, that could save yer life, or get you out of a literary pinch. You’ll see. We found the meanest, most-durable chipboard covers on the face of the earth, making a little sandwich with ink friendly, agreeable innards, and then, brought it all together with a brute-force Double-O spiral binding method! Serious moves here, folks.

And today, we’re proud to tell you they are shipping, and, will go fast! So get it going and get some larger real estate underneath that pen of yers!

I mean, seriously, I can’t tell you how excited this one gets me. I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on my own copy! So fired up. Ready to take notes. Or transcribe some loose conversation. Or write some halfwit poetry. Or write a song. Or practice my penmanship. Or get my ass organized. So many ways to go on those pages.


Stenography, or ‚€œshorthand,‚€ is a writing system designed to increase speed and/or space-efficiency, most often used in journalism, medical, legal, and business environments to transcribe the spoken word.

- 6‚€≥ x 9‚€≥ in dimension. The right size.
- Black Double-O Wiring spiral at the top so it lies flat, open or closed.
- 80 pages of 70# ‚€œBright White‚€ paper Gregg-ruled.
- A fine, soy-based application of ‚€œDouble Knee Duck Canvas‚€ light brown ink.
- Newark Paperboard Mills 60 pt. ‚€œSuper Duty Chipboard” covers.
- Screen-printed 1-Color application of ‚€œDictation Smudge‚€ black ink.

The inside covers provide a range of useful information from the history of stenography and an abbreviations guide, to temperature conversions, planetary distances from the sun, a hobo symbol quick reference guide and more. Frankly, we wonder how we ever got by without one open on our desks at all times.

And how. So proud of this one!

Get it going, people. These are going to go fast! Act now.

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Fucking cool

Posted by: P on 01/14/11 at 8:12 PM
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