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December 24, 2010
Uncomfortable Christmas Eve
Posted at 08:11 PM


GONE, AND BACK AGAIN: Felt a little better when I got up. With no pain or discomfort while sleeping on my side, directly on the aching spot. It was only until I got up did the ache come back, just a little bit. Like, the normal jiggling and moving from bed to the men’s room to take a leak to brush the teeth was enough to “wake up” the ache. Weird.

Ewan, Jordi, Leigh and I opened presents, had a breakfast, then headed over to Leah’s house for supper and chill time with little Oliver, Jacob and Grandma Abuela.

More and more, Leigh and Leah were concerned, and that spilled over into my parents. I just took things easy, stayed in one spot, held the nephew some and played games on my iPhone. No big whup. Things only hurt when I’d get up or sit down. The ache was there, but never harsh. Just, “enough” to concern me.

And of course, all around me. Sorry, loved ones.

Now, here, precisely, is a place where I fucked up. I should’ve headed into urgent care right then and there. It had already been a couple days. Sure, I told myself I simply pulled a muscle or something, and that it would go away, and that everything was cool, and if I would just chill, things would be cool.

Dumbassery on my part. Just scared, mainly. Not versed in “feeling weird” too much and nursing a good set of phobias about doctor visits of any kind. Which, quite frankly, is just embarrassing to write down. But I think there’s some good to putting these words out there.

I didn’t know what was wrong, but knew something was off. And being the stubborn fuck I can be, I rolled the dice the wrong way.

I just want to say I’m sorry to Leigh, Leah, Mom and Dad for this. And to myself. I didn’t think anything was that wrong, and apologize for the worry I saw and heard from you guys. Feels good to put that one out there.

Fell asleep that night feeling exhausted, but comfortable.

Thank you to Leigh and Ewan for the incredible gifts, and to to Leah, Jacob and Oliver for supper and gifts. Appreciated.

There is One Comment

No need to apologize, your words of explanation are enough. It was hard to see the fear in your eyes, but as you gave in to the hospital atmosphere, there was a calmness about you……you finally gave up “control” for a few hours. You were not in charge, for once.

But, infection was minimal, recovery was uneventful and you are back at it, stronger than ever.

It was great having you here like the good-ole days when you threw up in a mixing bowl, broke an arm, survived a bad car accident, split a head open or ripped open a fist. Great memories!

Just have to remember to take good care of yourself! Preventive care is much easier than emergency care.

love you,

mamma d

Posted by: Mamma d on 01/14/11 at 3:33 PM
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