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December 20, 2010
Pedal Crazy
Posted at 06:33 PM


LOOPING AND LOOPING: Got myself a new rock pedal a couple days back, as a bit of a “holiday treat.” I worked my ass off this year, so I hit up the rock shop for a new pedal. Small rewards. Arlie told me to get this one, or maybe another larger one. I don’t know. Thanks, buzzbomb.

Anyhoo, it’s pretty fun. I strum a couple bars and then loop that, and noodle over that, and plop a little riff on that, and before you know it, you got like six layers of shit going on. Pretty fun. I’m feeling a little “Pedal Crazy” with this acquisition, kind of. Rock talk.

Added it to our always-growing Rig Specs list.

- - - -

SOME TREASURES IN HERE: Vintageworkwear.com. Get in there and savor the old ways. Things were just simpler. Good lessons for a complex world.

And, on a weirder note, let’s all try to keep the fetishizing of this stuff in the right place, you know? I mean, shit, I love looking at the old ways in order to inform what I’m lucky to touch in my own life, but, hell, some of the stuff I see out there just plain creeps me out. Too many commas. Motherfuckers dressed up like lumberjacks and Amish folks and dockworkers and whatever else. Halloween. Kinda weird. I should just shut up. Sorry. (Thank you to Chris Fato for sending this one in. Thanks, buster!)

- - - -


01. Grids - White Walls (Chunklet tip of the day…)
02. Grinderman - s/t
03. Grizzly Bear - Yellow House

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awwe man, was gonna recommend these guys to you after your “champ amp” post, but thought they might go against all the tubey greatness of the lil’ guy: http://fx.deviever.com/
regardless, they’re up in your neck of the woods, I believe.

Posted by: Ryan on 12/20/10 at 9:49 PM

Good to see that the pedal bug has taken yet another victim! Are you familiar with El Ten Eleven? Kristian, the guitar/bass player is the king of looping if’n you ask me (which you kinda didn’t)… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTkPfjSXFpo - this is a recent display of their awesomeness. By the end of the song, he’s just triggering the loops he recorded earlier in the song directly on the pedals. It’s pretty sick.

Posted by: Jeremy on 12/21/10 at 7:41 AM

The Loop Station is a day wrecker for sure. I start playing with it, look up and it’s dark.

Have you seen or messed with a POG 2? That’s probably my favorite new pedal purchase of late. It does some normal octave stuff but also gives you this almost Hammond sound and some crunchy deep tones too.

Posted by: Adam on 12/21/10 at 8:50 AM

All right - since Ryan went and started in on the virtues of Devi (Queen of Fuzz, for sure), I’ll go and hype the magical home of many, many, many other cool builders: http://www.ilovefuzz.com. Fuzz, and so much more. Also, some pretty slick designs on some o’ those pedals. Talk about a day-wrecker, ILF is more like a week-wrecker.

Posted by: Jeremy on 12/27/10 at 8:35 AM

Get all Don Cab on that ass!

Posted by: Eric Powers on 01/04/11 at 3:27 PM
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