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December 10, 2010
Greenhornes Night
Posted at 11:51 PM


Caught a great show by those Greenhornes last night. Took a little break from those pages and willed myself up and out of the cockpit, and over across the river. Leigh and Hillerns were prodding me all week long. So I relented and caved in, so excited to see some drumming by Mr. Patrick Keeler.

That guy is high on my list of favorite drummers! Incredible chops and swagger and power. Highlight of these shows. My two cents.

In the middle of opener Hacienda’s set, I noticed Patrick come out to check out the band. I introduced myself and gave him a couple set of Field Notes. Some Ravens Wings and some Indiana County Fair editions. He dug ‘em! We shot the shit about drumming, graphic arts, scooters and Nashville. Nice, nice guy. I remember P.J. telling me something about him from scooter enthusiast circles. I can’t think of a better connection to a guy than P.J. Chmiel. Bullheaded awesomeness, that S.O.B. is. Small world.

Then those Greenhornes took the stage and played a hell of a set. Just love that shit. Go see a Greenhornes show. Seriously.

And fuck, if this graphic design stuff goes to shit, I’m going to go after drumming. Like a big gorilla. Thanks for doing it like you do, Mr. Keeler.

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Great fucking show! And you were right about Keeler. Just awesome to watch behind the kit.

Posted by: Hillerns on 12/14/10 at 12:46 PM

Thanks again for the recommendation. It really was a fantastic show. Both bands were played some strong rock ‘n’ roll tunes. That drummer was a wonder to watch. The lead guitar of the Greenhornes didn’t move around much, but man, that guy had some rock chops.

Posted by: Alan on 12/16/10 at 11:12 AM
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