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December 07, 2010
Can't Stop Typing Weird Shit Out
Posted at 11:57 PM


BY WAY OF FLORIDA, A LAND STEEPED IN MYSTERY: Jonathan Lawrence comes in real quiet, sneaks in some back door, and sticks a knife into our ribs with this one. Lethal. Big, beautiful images. “Daywrecker Warning,” in full effect. Here goes: An incredible collection of stuff up for grabs at some auction somewhere.

Get to click around in those pages! Holy fuck. That’s a lot of rad stuff. Hurts my brain.

Just dig on those big photos! So much cool shit. Beautifully shot, and shared with all of us. Go wild. I took a shit ton of screengrabs in there. Those are free, you beasts. Enjoy.

And for what’s it’s worth, I really want to go back to Florida. And will. Like it down there. Leigh, take some time off from that “Bowie Kick” you are on, and get some ideas going. Pack those bags. Let’s work up an adventure down there.

I just like saying this, “Cocoa Beach.” Say it a couple times. Really rolls of the tongue.

And while yer at it, if you are feeling wild, lick yer hand, let it dry for a second, then smell it. Cool trick. Varied results. Gross. Not recommended before lunch. A way to pass time.

Don’t know why I am typing this. Can’t stop. Hunt and peck in full effect. Looking at the monitor while my bony fingers find the keys. Bad habits. Weird. My hands stink. Even weirder. I’m tired. Need to konk. Goodnight, Florida, and all of you while we’re at it. Serisouly. #zzzzzzz

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head explodes!

Posted by: Brandt on 12/08/10 at 2:58 AM

rumor has it that you always have a place to stay in the swamps of north florida. That Gainesville town.

i hear too there’s a good new year’s eve party goin’ on. No hand-licking though. Lots of Weird Al.

Posted by: Mark (of the Janeen and Mark, Marks) on 12/09/10 at 9:21 AM
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