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November 15, 2010
Welcome Hunters!
Posted at 08:35 PM


November 15th! Welcome hunters!

I like this time of year back home. Fall is wheezing, and shit’s getting cold. Usually, flurries have fell a couple times and winter’s knocking on the door. And November 15th means one thing in Michigan: Start of deer hunting season. That and, you’ll hear shots in the distance, ringing across the land.

I’m no hunter. I watched a white tail get disemboweled when I was 12, and well, that was enough fun for me. Gross. Won’t forget how visceral it was, and the sad look on the deer’s face, that tongue all hanging out and shit. Gross. The guys who strung the deer up had us “little hunters” pop the “piss bag” or something in that big steaming pile of guts. Won’t forget that smell anytime soon, either. Hot air decompressing out of a a pink, jiggling orb. Gross. Yeah, not for me.

But, I do like all the orange that takes over the land. Orange jackets, hats, mittens and banners at the party stores. Weird ways. Dudes shooting at furry things hopping through the woods.

- - - -

YOU GUYS TAKE THE GUTS AND ANTLERS. I’LL HANDLE THE PAPER: Man, I love hunting licenses! Here’s a nice pile to thumb through. Be careful not to get yer ass shot off in the process. Things you pin to a jacket, etc. The eBay links kinda suck, but oh well. Play a little “grab-ass” in there and snag a bunch of those images. We did.

- - - -

THERE’S A COUPLE DEER ON THAT PAGE: Noah Rothschild comes in hot with this one saying, “Seen these great vectors?” And here’s then link in question, people. Don’t miss this one. Incredible stuff. History of logo-making.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Not quite a deer, but just as graceful and full of wonder: The Dachshund. File this link under “Things To Make.” But not for too long. There’s a creation inside there that needs to see the light of day. “The Pretzel Pup.” Thanks, Dabica. Awesome link. We miss Gary real bad, and every now and again, something will set me off. Not links. More like, the other day, I was downstairs folding laundry and dropped a sock alongside the dryer. I reached down to get it, and staring up at me was one of Gary’s petrified tootsie rolls. That little bugger. I miss you, little man.

- - - -


01. Deer Tick - Born On Flag Day
02. Deerheart - Queen, Worker, Drone/em>
03. Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity
04. Deerhunter - Microcastle
05. John Williams - The Deer Hunter Soundtrack

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Add to the player, Da Turdy Point Buck by Bananas at Large. Any legitimate country station in Iowa played that when I was a kid this time of year. They’re too cool for that now but…

Posted by: Josh Gipper on 11/16/10 at 10:22 AM

I’d rock a Camo/Hunters Orange DDC hat! You should sell em!

Something like so…

Posted by: Josh Campbell on 11/17/10 at 2:00 PM
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