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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 29, 2010
Assignments From The Upper Midwest
Posted at 08:58 PM


Joe Belk and Mike Davis of Minneapolis contacted me this morning, in two different missives, regarding something that I can’t really talk about, but, is all kinds of awesome, and, well, I got so excited, I just thought I’d show one of Mike’s t-shirt designs up above, just so you know who you are messing with. Joe, well, just go to the CO Exhibitions gallery and you’ll see his masterwork all over the place. Good, solid folks. Recommended. Lively conversation. Fresh style. Good posture. Sure bets.

- - - -

NO LINKAGE, NO BIG WHUP: Too damn busy, ruffians. I’m sitting on a mountain of cool shit sent in from our regular cast of colorful contributors, so, sit tight, keep coming back, and keep believing in the DDC.

- - - -

GRAND CANYONS OF APPRECIATION: We say that all the time. Know why? Cuz we feel it.

It doesn’t take “Thanksgiving Day guilt” to get us feeling thankful. It simply take staring down a pile of DDC Merch, all wrapped up and ready to jettison, just so glad to have so many folks rolling the dice on our colorful offering of our must-have merchandise. Go here and be swayed. Thank you to everyone who bought some DDC merch this last week, over the weekend, and hell, since we first started selling stuff. Thank you. Appreciated. Keep it up and keep Dale busy. I don’t like the idea of a bored Dale. Bad things could come of that. Keep the guy out of trouble with a purchase of some DDC Merch. There you go. Act now. Something for everyone. Even you.

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