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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 04, 2010
Ravens Wings Movie Morning
Posted at 11:51 AM


MANDATORY VIEWING, READERS, MANDATORY VIEWING: I just can’t even tell you how excited I am to premier this one on the DDC site. The good filmmakers of Coudal Partners and Field Notes Midwest made a little movie called:

“WINGS - Making the Field Notes 2010 Fall Edition.”

Behind the scenes action, detailing our latest COLORS offering “Ravens Wing.” Illinois, America. Just so proud of this whole thing.

Let the darkness hold you close, sucking the breath out of you, for eternity, into the deep, dark void. Graph paper, too.

- - - -

STILL BATTLING HATS: We’re up to our nuts in Coal hats. Dale got lost in a mountain of headwear the other day. His feet were sticking out, wiggling wildly. We had to pull him back from a certain death at the hands of a whole lot of hand knit acrylic. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Fuck Dale. But not Coal headwear. Wait, a little bit. It’s noon and Brad still isn’t in.

- - - -

TONIGHT, PORTLAND: Will Bryant from Austin’s Public School has an art show starting up tonight here in town: “Stuff I’ve Seen.”

Wait a second, I think I met this guy once. Through Kate and Clifton, maybe? Damn, my memory has gone to shit. Anyway, you need to go this. I can’t. I have to make hat catalogs, and right about now, that really gets me goddamn goat. Good luck, Will!

- - - -

GET THAT COIFFURE ORGANIZED: Our little “DDC Hair Organizer” made it on Yimmy Yayo a couple days back. That’s cool. Lots of cool shit on there. I would have been completely oblivious to this, but Chris Dungan brought to my easily distractable radar. We’d like to thank him for that. And we just did, in our heart. Now buy a fuckin’ comb already, big world. We just got a new shipment in. Get those whiskers organized.

- - - -


- - - -

JUST THE BIGGEST THANKS WE CAN MUSTER, TO YOU, IF…: You recently purchased our new “DDC Michigan Torso Cover.” Goddamned if that state doesn’t have the best shape in the union. Sorry, New Mexico. We love all that wild-ass new age stuff you got going on, but shape-wise, you just ain’t doing it. We hope the best for you, Southwest. Okay, back to the Midwest. Yeah, that Midwest, and, specifically Michigan. We made a shirt for our home state, and a bunch of you bought it, and Dale shipped them, and they should be showing up very, very soon. Thank you. Tell a friend who might have some love for Michigan, or, who are shirtless. Cover up with one of these.

- - - -


01. Jeff Tweedy - Foellinger Auditorium 2006
02. Baroness - Blue Record
03. Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

There Are 5 Comments

It took all my will power not to walk out of my job and beg the nearest printing shop to hire me after I watched that video. Good stuff.

Posted by: Schille on 11/04/10 at 12:46 PM

Great video! Too bad you aren’t in it-all sweaty hugging up on those people.

Posted by: Jess on 11/05/10 at 8:17 AM

Thanks for the support! Your city has been so good to me!

Hat Catalogues don’t design themselves, hope you took care of business.

Posted by: Will Bryant on 11/06/10 at 4:57 PM

Very cool movie. And the Raven’s Wing edition looks great!

Posted by: Steve Cooley on 11/08/10 at 8:05 AM

Very cool man.

Posted by: tim on 11/23/10 at 6:42 PM
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