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November 03, 2010
American Windbag
Posted at 09:03 PM


Bill Green of “Make The Logo Bigger” fame tracked me down last week to be on the AdVerve podcast with his partner bloggin’ Angela Natividad. We had a big ol’ chat about American design, Americana, making logos for America and America’s shining numbskull herself, Sarah Palin. Good, clean fun.

Listen to the AdVerve Podcast here!

Man, I’m a windbag. Sorry America, if I got a little out of hand. All in good fun, of course. Thanks to Bill and Angela for having me. Fun stuff.

- - - -

NO TIME TO SPARE: We’re making pages for Coal’s annual fall collection catalog, so there’s little time to spare for linkage. Cut us a little slack. We’re up t our eyebrows in hat clips and photos of attractive Seattlists wearing them. Good threads.

Brad’s here and he’s literally sitting two feet from me. Hence the adage: Closer you sit to the designer, the more the fucker will get done. Martino uses this technique too. So did Baker. Just breathing down my goddamn neck. All day. Until shit’s done. How we do it.

- - - -


01. Descendents - Somery
02. Monotonix - Body Language
03. Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You
04. Deerhunter - Cryptograms

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