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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 23, 2010
Tonight, Minneapolis!
Posted at 11:08 AM


Holy shit. Wait until you see this wall. 15.5’ x 37.5’ of 400 of our favorite logos. Uh. Yeah. Around the clock “putting things up on a big ass orange wall.” I actually get kind of emotional, cuz man, that wall…uh…it’s my little life! Right there. Just punching you right in the face. You work all these years and fight hard to survive, and then you see it out laid out in front of the world. So surreal and fun and wild and hell, early this morning, I kinda teared up watching the troopers of Burlesque handle shit for me. For me?

Let me just say this right now: Thank you, Burlesque. Holy fuck. All of you. Ben downstairs on the poster. The troopers on the big wall. Mike 2600. Wes. Joe. Adam. Jodi. Die-Cut Nate. Peddycoart. Ted.

And Ryno. And Leigh. And Dan Black. And Mike Gaughan. And Josh Journey-Heinz.

Seriously, guys: Thank you.

- - - -

ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT: How happy and thankful I am to be here, with everyone from Burlesque, and you, tonight.

I love this town. Since my first couple days here in 1998. Just fell hard for it. The spirit. The old buildings. The design community. All the design shops. All those logos. School at MCAD. The bands. All those bands. Damn. The ‘Mats. The Cows. Jon Baugh. Cheapo. The Entry. That Grainbelt sign. Just all of it.

So to have a show here with all the crap I make, man, just know that it means the world to me. Really. Thank you, Minneapolis.

- - - -

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY: Okay, yeah, let’s do this! Four hours out! See you tonight. Tell all yer friends. Tell Wisconsin. Tell everyone. See you guys tonight!

- - - -


There is One Comment

Looks grate as always. Makes me wana start more shit just to get new logos. Saw our bear on the wall, but it was missing it’s nose. “Leigh Mckolay’s Photos - All Orange, All Day - Scenes From Aaron’s Show picture 13”. The first pallet of packing tape we received looked just like that (the dick bear). We kept a few rolls before we send them back and had them re done. Thanks again for making us look good, and good luck with every thing… Like you would need it.

Posted by: Jonas Berglund | MOB DIST SCND™ on 10/25/10 at 11:54 AM
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