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September 08, 2010
U.S. Route 2 Westbound - Day 04
Posted at 11:54 PM


Kinda slept in a little due to pulling a late shift last night. Got out of Minot and out into the rolling flatness for a long run into Montana’s eastern edge, and into its northcentral region. Long and straight, with the occasional bump or slight turn.

In a couple of those towns we saw a sign that simply said, “Canada” with a ” right arrow. Turning north to another country. Love that shit.

Drove through all those little towns, exploring the alleys and back roads. Good times.

Made it to Havre and found a Super 8 with a strong WiFi connection. I’ve enjoying three bars of wireless internets right now. Thanks, Montana.

Into Montana’s eastern straightaways.

Near the train tracks, Glasgow, Mont.

A long day of this.

A dead payphone booth in some almost-dead town.

Saul Bass holds it down in Saco, Mont.

The Mint Bar, Chinook, Mont.

Old “Cowboy Bar” sign in a town who’s name escapes me at this late hour.

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I am a graphic designer in the Twin Cities and I love the pictures of US 2! I am from Norway Michigan and I traveled that road a lot going to Central Michigan University. I also have relatives that live in Bark River, so I laughed when I saw that picture. I always wanted to take that trip from Michigan to Seattle on that road.

Posted by: Brian G. Johnson on 09/09/10 at 12:57 PM

Diggin’ these photos and especially these headers. You the man. Safe travels buddy.

Posted by: jonathan on 09/09/10 at 7:35 PM
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