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THIS ONE IS FOR MY DAD: The “Emblems By Number” super post over at CarType. Man. So good.

Load up the link in another window, then press play on the sound clip below, and scroll along with Dad’s commentary. Here’s the good word from the old man:

A new dimension of “Full Spectrum Polish Audio.” Technology, people. Right there in yer ears, next to all that hair and wax. Real “Multi Media,” if you know what we mean?

(Thank you, Chip Truex. Awesome name, my man. Good shit.)

- - - -

WE’VE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH WISCONSIN: And will be “coming to terms” with that state soon enough. But we’ve got no beef with Wisconsin’s ghosts. Here’s some incredible images from long, long ago from the Wisconsin History archives. Such a different time, but then again, maybe not. Check out this guy. As American as apple pie. (Sent in by Michael Seidel. Thanks, Wisconsin!)

- - - -

JAY FLOYD, YOU PROB’LY ALREADY SAW THIS: I’m tired of Jay Floyd’s big mouth. He’s cut off for awhile. And like he cares. Too busy whipping around racetracks on expensive motor bikes with expensive tires. Well Jay, check out this House Industries typographic case study on the “Kentucky Kid.” Raddest type on the track. Hands down.

In my world, the “Kentucky Kid” is Dale. Looks like you’ve got some competition, buddy. Sorry.

- - - -

DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT: Rebrand it! Matt Chase takes on the United States Postal Service. Ambitious. Maybe a little too cute for my liking, but, I like the range and thought behind it. This stuff takes time and it’s awesome to see it walked through the whole project this well. Learn something from this one. (Sent in by Sam Rigby, and we thank him for sharing.)

- - - -

DETROIT IS A CITY IN THE MIDWEST: Don’t rule it out, man. There is life there. Shit’s going on in Detroit. Here’s a doc coming out to remind you of that. (Thanks, Mitch!)

- - - -


01. Son Volt - Straightaways
02. Pernice Brothers - Chappaquiddick Skyline
03. Built To Spill - You In Reverse
04. Guided By Voices - Half Smiles of the Decomposed

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Wisco f’real.

Posted by: Nate on 09/03/10 at 11:01 AM

Dang Draplin. You may have just served up one of the most wonderful internet experiences I’ve ever had. What’s better than looking at these beautiful auto emblems? Having your freakin’ Dad right there to experience it with. Bravo.

Thanks so much for your posts. This stuff gets me going each day.

Posted by: Brandon Rike on 09/03/10 at 3:36 PM

Hey! By “coming to terms with Wisconsin”, would you be by any chance doing a Design Madison engagement? I put in the good word for you for this season…

Posted by: Tom Michlig on 09/03/10 at 5:33 PM

You and your dad’s commentary was really funny. To bad there’s not a weekly show.

Posted by: Scott Steele on 09/04/10 at 2:50 PM

re: CarType. “…like Uncle Bob used to have.” Definitely good stuff, thanks for posting.

Posted by: johnzilla on 09/04/10 at 9:58 PM
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