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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 20, 2010
Skateboard Kicks
Posted at 01:25 PM


Last weekend, after a long, hard day of judging Minnesota design and advertising (debatable) I headed back to my room to freshen up a bit. Turned on the tube and there was some kind of Dew Tour skate jam thing going on. Paul Rodriguez was wrapping up his winning runs, and on his shirt, I recognized a little something on his chest that we had something to do with.

See that “PR” interlocking deal there? That’s a logo we made for Nike SB last summer under the direction of Damion Triplet and Michael Leon. Just incredible to see it out there, finally. Very proud of this one.

The Nike development cycle is something to marvel at. It’s a pretty lengthy window, and you make the stuff and then it takes awhile to get out into the world. It’s a pretty intense process, seeing how they curate, execute and unfold the whole program. Impressive. Check out the P-Rod site, and check the range of how they unleash this stuff. Videos, apparel and kicks. Just lethal.

We always down to contribute to skateboarding. Spent 1986-1997 doing my little part. I miss it.

Here’s another one we did under the direction of Damion and Michael a couple summers back also, that we keep seeing all over the states: The tongue type for the Stefan Janoski’s signature kicks. Awesome. For daily use!

- - - -

THIS GUY GETS IS RIGHT: There’s a currency redesign project going on out there, and Dowling Duncan gets it right! Imagine loot being boiled to something that clear and sensible? Every time I’ve been lucky enough to go to Europe, I get that pile of loot from wherever and don’t want to spend it. But then again, with the Euro, it’s all pretty standardized. Still nice, though. Good work on this one. Learn something. I’d love to see President Obama on our currency. Still thankful as hell he’s on top, doing so much good. For a change. I believe.

(Thank you Sam Rigby and Chris Hanis. Appreciated.)

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: This one has that odd “I want to live to be 237 years old” appeal. You know, just so you can learn how to do stuff like this. We’d reckon it’d take that long. Holy shit. Okay, enough talk. Get a load of this one: “Dalton Ghetti creates amazing art on the tips of used pencils.”

The screw? You gotta be kidding me. Best thing these tired eyes have seen in a long, long time. (Thanks, Eli, you beast. Great stuff.)

- - - -


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