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Draplin Design Co., North America


Got up, did a little more work, got picked up by Ryno and Hans and headed up to Burlesque for high-level negotiations with Mike and Joe for a really-close-to-being-announced deal coming this fall in Minneapolis. Can’t say much more. Way excited. Stay tuned.

We hit up the Co Exhibitions gallery to check out Mike Gaughan-curated “Smell the Glove” art show. All kinds of wild shit. Up above is Ryno’s piece. We bestow the hardly-coveted “Best of Show” award upon, and like anyone cares. Good work, buddy. Best one there. The “jizz sock under glass” was a close second. “Art.” Wild style, people.

On the way over to airport we enjoyed a very Midwestern pro-Union diner breakfast at Bonnie’s, then Ryno dropped me off at the airport, and I flew back to Traverse City.

Had an incredible weekend. Thank you, Twin Cities!

BEST PART OF THE DAY: Inkin’ a deal with Co Exhibitions! More on this later.

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Wow, that is an interesting piece for the collection. It is really interesting to see what people come up with when they are given a certain theme.

Posted by: A11 Local Locksmith on 10/12/10 at 3:22 PM
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