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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 04, 2010
Two For Transmit
Posted at 07:46 PM


SOME PROOF, READERS: People hire us to make stuff! I was lucky enough to make a couple shirts for the good people of Panic, Inc. They’re from Portland, and their Transmit FTP uploader has saved my ass time and time again, for years. Seriously. I use that stuff hourly. Cabel and Mike came into the shop and put me up to the challenge: “Design us a t-shirt for our upcoming Transmit 4 release.”

So I made them two designs, and that’s what you’ll see here.

Couldn’t be more proud to help out a company I’ve looked up to for so long. In fact, after years of flat out piracy, I popped for my very first copy of Transmit some years back. And one time when I was a little stuck, I called them and Mike Merrill picked up. He helped me find my way through the woods, and we became buds. Service, people. Incredible.

I’ve been a fan of their attention to detail in that software for a long, long time. Little things, that you sorta notice, then reallllllly notice when you dig into it. Very appreciated. I mean, I use these machines to run my half-ass life, and man, Panic makes that experience that much better.

Incredible products. Incredible people. Upload something today, and do it with Transmit. Highly recommended by the Draplin Design Co.

- - - -


THIS ONE IS OFFICIAL: Detroit, Detroit, I’m coming down there to tell you my story. As part of our “Tall Tales From A Large Man” speaking thing. Me, up on a stage. Things to look at. Me telling you about what I do. Full report tomorrow. August 26th.

- - - -

TAKE SOME NOTES, YOU PUKES: “Top 10 Things To Look For In A Thrift Store.” Minneapolis’ Justin Peddycoart knows hows to junk.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Everyone, please think about Gary today. Thank you.

- - - -


01. Monahans - January - July monthly MP3 offerings
02. Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam
03. Loose Fur - Born Again In The USA

There Are 4 Comments

Long time reader here…

Wanted to write to say nice work! I’m looking forward to having that bad boy in my hands. Looks really, really good.

Also, you have the best taste in music. Ever.

Posted by: Adam on 08/04/10 at 8:22 PM

I’ve been using Transmit for a while now(mostly for syncing servers) and Coda from day #1, love the hell out of em’ both.

And now I’ve got myself one of those spiffy tee’s to represent my addiction to the company.

Nice work dude.

Posted by: Brent on 08/05/10 at 6:22 AM

Phew. I was lookin at Panic on Google Reader and my fingers were already aflame, ready to type “PLAGIARISM” until I saw the mention of the DDC further down in the post. Crisis averted.

Fun Fact About Panic: While the wife and I were in Japan on honeymoon, a young couple approached us asking where I got my shirt (One of Panic’s Katamri Damacy shirts). Turns out they were friends with the Panic folks and wanted to make sure no one else was ripping off their designs. How incredibly small the world is.

Posted by: Robert B on 08/05/10 at 2:35 PM

Nice work. Nice site. Found your site by way of John Gruber’s post about new Panic shirts.

Posted by: Dan on 08/05/10 at 7:06 PM
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