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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 12, 2010
Let's Be Friends!
Posted at 11:18 AM


WE MAKE LOGOS: And sometimes, we get to make stuff for our favorite companies! I worked on a project this spring for Incase, and it’s starting to show up online and at events. Go to their website and look in the lower left corner: That little “Let’s Be Friends” logo was a recent project of ours, under the direction of Incase’s Moses Aipa and Arlie Carstens. Very, very proud of this one.

Here’s the Incase “Let’s Be Friends” social media page.

Not only did I get to do work for an enterprise who’s products I use every day, but I got to work with my longtime buddy Arlie. Pretty boss twofer right there.

I’ve been a fan of Incase’s product, packaging, voice, restraint and overall precision for a long, long time. Proud as hell to contribute to it.

- - - -

HEADING OVER TO MINNEAPOLIS: That’s a city in Minnesota, famous for cold temperatures and a ratty band called “The Replacements.” Look them up. Best shit of the ’80s. I’m headed over to this town this afternoon. On official business.

I’m a judge for the Ad Fed Minnesota Dog & Pony Show 2010. Still don’t know how I made that accomplished list, so I hope they don’t go too deep into my half-ass list of credentials. I pledge to do my best, for the good people of the Minnesota advertising community. You’ve got my word on that one. Serious business. Ryno, ready the fort.

- - - -


Hell yes. I went one time as a kid. 1990. With my buddy Kevin McIntosh. We drove down and everything. The place was daunting. I didn’t know what to do on those transitions. We carved the clover bowl a couple times, but mainly stuck to the smaller nuggets. A good time. Still got my ID card somewhere. Last I heard, forever ago, it was filled in and a nudie bar was built over it. Or something like that. (Thank you, Jason Resch. He brings a good dose of Wisconsin to Portland, and we’re glad to know him.)

- - - -

PAST MINNESOTA, OUT IN COLORADO: This one’s gonna be a good one: AIGA Colorado’s “Bordo Bello Skateboard Art Fundraiser.” I got invited to participate, but had to respectfully decline due to “too much other shit going on.” And the more I check it out, the worse I feel about my less-than-stellar participation. Sorry, Colorado! I’m up to my neck in activity back here. Good luck! If you are reading this and find yourself living in Colorado, you better go.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif STILL BLOWN AWAY BY THESE ONES: Field Notes translated into Mongolian! Incredible.

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That’s pretty sweet Aaron! I can definitely see the influence of a certain bicentennial logo/leg tattoo. Keep knockin’ them outta the park my man!

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 08/12/10 at 10:52 AM

Great mark as usual.

Posted by: Brent Couchman on 08/12/10 at 10:56 AM

Crazy to think we’re digging up skateboarding fossils. I feel old.

Posted by: Nate on 08/12/10 at 12:08 PM

Hey I have been a fan of your designs and old school commentary as well!

Posted by: Greg Kaats - Packaging Design Manager at incase on 08/13/10 at 3:33 PM

Goddamn, Draplin…

Posted by: Gerrit on 08/15/10 at 11:03 AM

Thanks for the Bordo Bello shout out! Is it too early to ask you to pencil it in for next year?

Posted by: Kyle Johnson on 08/16/10 at 11:27 AM
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