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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 27, 2010
Posted at 11:07 PM

The talk went great! The best part of the deal was having family and friends come downtown to join us. Mom, Dad, Sarah, Unca Mike, Auntie Lisa, Unca Terry, Aunt Mary, Unca Terry, Uncle Bob, Uncle Tom, Auntie Barbara, TC buddies Eric Campbell and Bry Aleshire, MCAD Alumni P.J. Chmiel and Andrew Maniotes. Thank you, guys. Meant a lot to have you there. Thank you.

Dad warmed up the crowd with six jokes. He had ‘em rolling. You know, that was a good pile of Detroit out there in that audience and I had to loosen them up a bit. I called in my secret weapon and he slayed ‘em. So fun.

I did my talk, rambling at times, getting choked up regarding that little G-Unit at times, spinning yarns about “what I do” and “how I do it.” Showed a ton of work. Told some tall tales. Got through my fully-stocked PDF, barely. It’s just kinda weird being up there in front of everyone. Lots of heads eyeballin’ you! Had some good laughs and even a couple moment of painfully solicited, and unsolicited applause. Thank you, Detroit!

And of course, thank you to: Reilly Brennan for rolling the dice on me, AIGA Detroit and Team Detroit for bringing me all that way, 1515 Broadway for the use of their facilities, Nick Parish for coming in from New York City and to all the folks who to came to my pre-game chat at Team Detroit in Dearborn.

Thank you, Motown! Had a blast down there.

Getting off the elevator at Team Detroit and walking out to this. Wow.

I made a bunch of friends at Team Detroit. We had a chat.

Dad and 1515 Broadway AV Tech Theo, sharing some laughs.

A packed house! 100 seats: 15 family-n-friends + 85 attendees = Awesome!

Worlds colliding: Campbell, Bry, Maniotes, Dad, Hoss and AJD.

The Brennans.

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Thanks for coming to Detroit! There were a lot of good topics you covered and a ton of awesome work! : )

Posted by: Maria on 08/31/10 at 7:09 PM
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