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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 25, 2010
Sunday Comfort
Posted at 05:05 PM


Went couch shopping today with Mom, Leigh, Leah and little Oliver.

Real hard-ass shit, you know? Just, uh, embarrassing to be in their with all those housewives, so “busy” spending the family loot on things to make their lives perfect. I just want something comfortable to plop down after a “long, hard day” of sitting on my big, white Midwestern butt navigating digital this and that. More embarrassment.

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I know exactly what you’re taking about. Went to some ‘big box’ type stores to look at bedframes. Just surreal, and cold, and boring. Cheaply made, overpriced, factory crap. We ended up getting one made by a really great craftsman out in St. Johns instead (beautiful work, local guy, great price). We’re on the hunt for couches too, if you find something decent, keep us posted.

Posted by: Jen Wick on 07/26/10 at 2:37 PM
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