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Draplin Design Co., North America


IF YOU ARE READING THIS, BE WARNED: By clicking this link, yer stock price is about to go down a couple points. We warned you: The graphic arts portfolio of Curtis Jenkins. I know ours did. Free fall. I got a nice email form Mr. Jinkins himself this afternoon, and then, after perusing his site, I watched my stock go into the shitter. Still plummeting. This guy has some serious chops. Impressive stuff across the boards. Dale is beside himself. Holy hell.

Please add the DDC to your list of “enemies.” Just cuz that seems tougher than being in yer “friends” section. It’s an image thing, you know? Thank you for understanding.

I can’t get over this piece of type he made. Feels “just right.”

Good work, Jinkins! Don’t move to Portland, you bum!!!

- - - -

THE LOGO UP ABOVE: I found that in some old guy’s junk drawer over the weekend. It just might be my favorite rescued logo of the summer. For whatever reason. We’re down to the wire here, hammering on all sorts of stuff…from coffee to tv stuff to elephants to mining equipment to choice cuts of meat and even a gorilla. Seriously. Readying the DDC Mobile Command Unit for tomorrow’s run back to that Midwest.

- - - -

FROM WISCONSIN, BUT WITH “THE HAND” ON THEIR MIND: Nate Garn comes in real “Great Lakes Style” with this incredible slap of pressed/painted metal: “The ‘76 Michigan license plates could hold their own.”

We’ve got Michigan on the mind. Pushing off tomorrow!

- - - -

WE’RE REVVING OUR ENGINES FOR TOMORROW MORNING: Here’s a collection from the Coop Estate getting dirty with some pages from a “Ed “Big Daddy” Roth 1964 Monster Catalog.” (Brought to my halfwit attention by Jamie Muehlhausen, whom I may never meet in the flesh.)

- - - -

WHAT AMERICA LOOKED LIKED: …70 years ago. Not all that different from today, in some respects. People, living. The color in these shots haunts, you know? On another note, these shots just drive home the fact that in so-called “Modern Life” today, quite frankly, we’ve got shit pretty easy. Be thankful. I sure as hell am. (Thank you, Paul Delaurier!)

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif THE PROOF IS IN THIS PAGES: A proud brand of memo books called “Field Notes” in a retail catalog supplied by the “J Crew clothing and accessories enterprise.”

- - - -


01. Lifter Puller - Fiestas + Fiascos
02. Flaming Lips - Live in NYC at some Spin thingamajig
03. King Khan & The Shrines - The Supreme Genius…
04. Numero Group Records - Boddie Acetate Box

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hi aaron, wazzup… i sure miss bein out there.. i have a question. i was wondering about dis… i want to make some cool vid to put on youtube and want it to have lots of views on it… have any cool ideas???? thanks man, hope to see ya soon…

Posted by: jordi on 07/28/10 at 4:58 PM
Posted by: Tim Winters on 07/28/10 at 9:10 PM

Hi Mr. Draplin. Perhaps this link would interest you:

It’s all about precision.

Best regards

Posted by: Sergio on 07/29/10 at 7:39 AM
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