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July 27, 2010
Heads Or Tails
Posted at 02:53 PM


THE RACE IS ON: We’re feverishly trying to get the hell out of Dodge! Dale and I took the van in this morning for a “warranty tune-up.” Maybe the rig’s last. We’re 30k miles, and the bumper-to-bumper shit runs out at 36k. After this trip back to that Midwest, we’ll be well over the 36k mark. So, we’re getting things looked over by Ford specialists one more time, and then we’re outta here. Mom , Gary and I are pushing off on Thursday morning, heading for Michigan.

Haven’t locked down a route just yet. Might just flip some coins. Heads we go I-90, tails we go I-80. Something like that. Pretty excited to get out there into our America. It’s a big place.

- - - -

ONE SERIOUSLY BITCHIN’ “F” UP ABOVE: Hillerns comes in real hot over the weekend and makes life better with the “Foremost” logo you are seeing above. We dig! Thanks, buddy! Dinner, this decade, I swear.

- - - -

WELL, THIS LOOKS LIKE IT’S GONNA SUCK: Winnebago Man! Yeah right! This one is going to RULE. Hell yes. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. (Dale sent this one in, and, if I might be so frank, I’d like to run him over with a winnebago.)

- - - -

A QUICK ONE FROM WASHINGTON STATE: No. 10990 of Hickok building machines. This, friends, is how machines used to tell you who they were. Incredible. It can be like that again. (Thanks, Norm!)

- - - -

SUDDENLY FEELING HUNGRY: Meet the Mast Brothers, who, just might, make the best chocolate ever.

“The food of Gods.” Wow. Couple of Minnesota boys. Very beardy. Like they stepped out of a time machine from, hell, 1890 or something. That’s what Brooklyn looks like these days, eh? I’m behind on such matters.

I just love the idea of these guys taking chocolate by the balls and doing it their own way. “The spirit of craft.” Bravo. Good spirit there. Learn something from it. You can do that with anything, really. Design, fonts, bags, bikes or chocolate.

When I want some chocolate, I have Dale grab me a Mr. Goodbar from Sheridan’s market. Simple adventures. (Sent in by Rob Bajohr! Appreciated. Ahoy.)

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif GLOWING WORDS FROM A GLOWING SITE: Bangback writes up the Field Notes County Fair Summer Edition with big, big words! Thanks, guys. Means a lot to all of us!

- - - -


01. Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker (Loud.)
02. The Jesus Lizard - Shot
03. Juno - This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes

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Got my Field Notes Limited Edition! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! I love it!

Posted by: william on 07/27/10 at 5:49 PM

i’ve been enjoying your daily updates lately and if you are doing a trip back to the midwest i’d love to see what you do on your way thru Spearfish, SoDak and the Black Hills area… I-90…. i lived there until i was 16 and get back every 5 or 10 years to visit family, friends, etc… have a great drive !

Posted by: Jason Locken on 07/28/10 at 11:23 AM
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