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July 08, 2010
Frontiers Of Technology
Posted at 01:31 PM


SOMETIMES, WE GET HIRED TO MAKE GRAPHICS FOR BIG MAGAZINES: Here’s some proof, people! In the new issue of Wired, a magazine about the “frontiers of technology” from San Francisco.

I made a little badge for their product test section, and then a little icon set for a medical kit they made. Here’s the set of icons. Real proud of this stuff. Thanks, Wired!

- - - -

50 THINGS YOU NEED TO SEE: 50 Cigar Bands. Get in there. Smoke up, Johnny. Nice little presentation! (Thank you to Colin Whyte, on the other side of the country.)

- - - -

NEED THIS, BAD: All my big-timer photographer buddies are recommending the Panasonic Lumix GF1 as my next “around the neck” camera. You know, for traveling, shooting old logos, “party shots” at meathead dance clubs, etc.

My G10 has taken a good beating. We’re up somewhere around 7000 shots or something. It’s hard to move on from Canon, honestly. I’ve been by their side since 2000 and that first S100 digi Elph. Man, I loved that thing. Still got it somewhere, too. Since then, every year to year-an-a-half, I upgrade to the new hot shit. Couple years back, I jumped out of the Elph models up to that G10. The tougher body and meaty controls was the main thing. Something that didn’t feel so, uh, delicate and breakable, right?

If you guys have any thoughts on the subject, do me a Kodak and send them in. Thanks!

- - - -

TOOL ACADEMY: Our latest acquisition, motherfuckers: Craftsman 192 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Trifold Case. Now I can work on Big S or the van, doing more harm than good.

- - - -

BARNWOOD BLUES: Another one of those links that makes me go, “Fuck, I hope I live to 150 years old, just so I can have a barn someday, to work in, and make stuff in, and wait out a storm in, after I spend my whole pitiful life chasing vector dollars, only to realize I have squandered my strength away to mouseclicks.” Something like that.

Oh yeah, the link: 10Engines talks about Eric Sloane’s “Age of Barns” book.

I’d like to live on property with a barn someday. With the biggest fucking Bicentennial star on the front of it. Just think about that. Wow.

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif HAVE YOU SECURED YER SET?: Field Notes COLORS: ‚€œCOUNTY FAIR‚€ 50 Editions! We’ve got them all! That’s means you, North Dakota! And you too, Arkansas! Get regional, people!

- - - -


01. Guided By Voices - Earthquake Glue
02. Harvey Milk - Live Pleaser
03. Built To Spill - There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
04. Deer Tick - Black Dirt Sessions
05. The new Mavis Staples/Jeff Tweedy song, “You are not alone.”

There Are 11 Comments

Real nice work. Class. The badge is great.

Posted by: Daniel Kent on 07/08/10 at 2:45 PM

Just do some research before jumping in to the GF1. There are several good options in that category of camera, and all will beat the pants off of the small sensor G10. It is a new category of camera and catching up very, very quickly with the slackards Canon and Nikon. The Panasonic 20/1.7 is the best m4/3 lens, and the only one to own IMO. But for what you are looking for the GF1/Panasonic 20/1.7 could be perfect. The Olympus E-P2 has a bit more style than the GF1.

Posted by: Andrew on 07/08/10 at 3:14 PM

I’m actually still using my original Canon Elph S100 believe it or not. Still takes great pics though I need to FINALLY get a new battery for it. It’s gettin’ a lot harder to justify it though at 2.1 megapixels.

Posted by: Jaimie Muehlhausen on 07/08/10 at 3:31 PM

Nice, I knew that was you when I saw it in the stands.

Posted by: Lloyd Winter on 07/08/10 at 3:33 PM

I can’t believe that. I got my copy of Wired an noticed that thing straightaway. I looked all over that rag to see who made it - nice to find out it was a DDC original!

Posted by: Andy on 07/08/10 at 4:06 PM

I can’t personally speak for the GF1 as I don’t have one (yet), but I will definitely vouch for the Lumix series in general. I’ve owned several Lumix point’n’shoots and I currently have the LX3 (which is similar to your G10). It’s a great camera and takes tack-sharp photos.

Those Leica lenses, man… so good. If you get the GF1 make sure you get it with the 27mm F/1.7 lens. That’s a humdinger right there.

Posted by: James R. on 07/08/10 at 4:16 PM

Love it man! I received that issue a week ago or so and the badge was one of the first things I noticed…. I thought to myself “that looks like some Draplin”.

Nice work Sir.

Posted by: Todd Zyph on 07/08/10 at 4:59 PM

I actually just bought a GF1 last Friday. It’s a great little camera. Takes beautiful pictures, whether you want to leave it in full auto and treat it like a bigass point and shoot, or you want to dig in to all the manual stuff. It’s little enough to take anywhere, but it’s still got a good heft to it - feels like “equipment”, not toylike, y’know? A good camera to bring on junkin’ expeditions. I’d recommend it.

Posted by: Derek on 07/09/10 at 4:54 AM

great badge!

I too am on the hunt of the elusive GF1. Been waiting to see if pricing will drop this summer. Can’t wait much longer. Need a street shooter for le tour de Paris this fall. Here’s a great review (and video) of a GF1 testdrive.


Posted by: chad r. on 07/09/10 at 6:14 AM

oh man. that little heart icon is awesome.

Posted by: josh on 07/09/10 at 7:45 AM

I was reading that issue on the red-eye back from San Fran Sunday. Shoulda known it was your work from the get-go. Good job.

Posted by: Charlie T on 07/13/10 at 9:17 PM
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