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June 26, 2010
Garold Resolution
Posted at 08:36 PM


Highlight of the day was taking Garold to the park. Let the little man use his legs some. You throw the ball. He goes and gets it. He comes back, drops it by your feet, then barks like a motherfucker.

Leigh can break him of the barking in the moment, but he always forgets. So it goes.

The shot above was taken with my new iPhone, and I’ll be damned if I am not GIGANTICALLY impressed with the resolution upgrade in the new camera. Incredible. Blown away.

But of course, kinda scared to use the thing. So afraid I’m gonna drop the fuckin’ thing, shattered the glass or whatever. That’ll dissipate with the first noticeable nick or scratch.

There Are 2 Comments

Yeah, it took me 72 hours to drop mine on concrete and smash the front glass. Taking it in to Apple tomorrow. They’ll probably want $199 to fix it. Maybe I need a case, but the thing is so damn attractive I can’t bear to sheath it.

So it goes.

Posted by: Raymond Brigleb on 06/28/10 at 9:31 AM

fuck AT&T and apple. bad business.

Posted by: etk on 06/29/10 at 11:31 AM
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