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FROM THE MOUSE FINGER OF BILLY FOWKS, NYC: A nice, little set of “Architecture Paperbacks.” Thanks, man. We dig. So simple. So long ago. Still so much to learn.

- - - -

DON’T WITH THEIR BUSINESS MANAGER, EVER: Tim Lahan and crew got fired up about that Gulf spill and made a shirt about it. It’s for sale and ALL proceeds go to the National Wildlife Association. A good cause, folks. And, a graphic designer stepping right up to the plate and doing some good. Inspiring.

- - - -

KINDA FREAKED OUT: If you grew up in Hungary in the 1980s, you might remember these ads. Or not. Me, I grew up in Michigan and remember comic book ads for Hubba Bubba, Stompers and Sea Monkeys. That’s what comes to mind.

Anyway, I’m just plain freaked out by those ads in that link. Weird. Lots of markers coloring in stuff, I think? Hard to say. All the way from Hungary, readers. (Sent in by Akos Nagy, and we thank him for it.)

- - - -

LIKE THEY NEED A PLUG, BUT HEY: The best just got better. Make the thing waterproof, this way even when I’m showering off this big carcass, it’s with me then, too.

- - - -

WHAT I STARTED READING LAST NIGHT: Rickles’ Book: A Memoir Just what we needed. All the descriptions talk about how this thing is a “feel-good memoir.” Yeah? I got something you can feel, Rickles.

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01. Richard Buckner - Dents And Shells
02. Descendents - Two Things At Once
03. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
04. Cardinal - s/t

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