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UP ABOVE: Just a little hornet from “Murray’s Archive.” Miles and miles of stuff to choose from. Big, sticky stash of shit.

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FINALLY, FOR THAT WEB: Futura Bold. I’m 36, and this link makes me want to live until I’m 136, just so I can utilize this shit to fullest extent. Bedortha, we need to talk. (Thank you Dave Caskey! Strikes, man, strikes. Always!)

- - - -

SETTLED THIS, AND AM TOTING ALL SORTS OF SHIT: The Filson Tote Bag. Their site says, “Designed for hauling shooting and field gear.” We’d like to add “and whatever the hell else you can fit in the thing.”

- - - -

ALWAYS INTERESTING: Designers taking a swing at stuff we see everyday: License Plates. “4 Designers Clean Up Graphic Road Kill.”

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THOSE ACTION CAPS ARE GETTING SOME ACTION: Out there in the world, people! DDC Action Caps! On awesome heads all over. In that recent “Neighborhood issue” of GOOD magazine, I swore a cat was wearing a DDC 6-Panel Orange Action Cap! And that cat was none other than Masato Nakada!

Here’s some proof of the big moment.

Right there on those pages, people. Hard to deny that these thing aren’t getting the job done. Facts ares stubborn things. Here’s another fact: You need one of these. You can’t argue with that either. Get it going, and get right with the DDC! Always shipping.

- - - -

OUR VERY FIRST NETFLIX SELECTION: Downfall. Watched it last night, on the late shift. Incredible movie. Riveting, Really got me thinking about all that Berlin we walked around a couple months back.

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01. Dinosaur Jr - Farm
02. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
03. Jay Farrar - Gob Iron
04. Archer Prewiit - Three

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Way ahead of you manā€¦ can’t wait to show you what I’m cooking up.

Posted by: Nate on 06/03/10 at 9:31 PM

The boys at grain edit giving you some props!

Check it:


Posted by: Sker on 06/04/10 at 7:18 AM
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